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Check out our new End of Summer Special! Buy any Market home in Brighton at Buckhead, Heathrow at Sterling Links, Creekside at Richmond Hill Plantation, Mosswood at Berwick, or Waverly at the Highlands and receive an amazing gift at Closing! Homes of Integrity Construction is the Southeast’s premiere new home builder. Our new construction homes are in […]

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The ABC’s of Homes of Integrity

Let’s have some fun!   A: Always happy to help B: Business is booming! C: Conner, Clayton, Carlee, Chelsea, Canterbury, Chandler – just a few of our many floor plans D: Designer bath accessories (are standard!) E: Energy efficient F: Four-month build time G: Green initiative program H: Home sweet home I: Integrity! J: Just […]


Why Homes of Integrity?

If you need reasons to choose Homes of Integrity to build your next home, look no further. Here I will introduce those reasons, and also go into a bit of depth on the chronology of our building process so that you can have an idea of what to expect when you build with us. Among […]

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Honoring Our Military Families

At Homes of Integrity “military friendly” is not just a catch phrase, Honoring Our Military Families is a way of life. Here in Coastal Georgia our military is all around us- attending church with us on Sundays, making small talk at the grocery store, or trying desperately to get their kids to soccer practice on […]